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Snagging Services

Snagging, the process of inspecting a newly finished property, is the final touch that your property investment requires.

Checking your new home for defects or “snagging” is a good idea!

We are company which is specializing in snagging new houses!

We are able to identify and get remedied; all that little niggles before you move in. Those things that would irritate you but may not necessarily be noticed by others. After all it is your new home and you are going to have to live there.

Snagging should be viewed as your chance to thoroughly check your new home to ensure that you are generally happy. Anything you are not happy with can then be put right before you live there.
The snagging process generates a “Snag List” which is basically an inventory of imperfections and items that need your attention. These items are then listed and sent to you or your legal advisor.

We can inspect your properties and give you the peace of mind that only a professional, impartial team can provide carrying out a professional service.

Once you have engaged with our company we will contact your builder / developer and make an appointment with them to inspect your property.

We will also ensure that all warranties and other paperwork relating to appliances and devices within the property are collated and put together for easy retrieval and reference. All items are tested and checked and a report is then generated.

Five Point Snagging Process

  • Exterior – including exterior finish, infrastructure, gardens and pools where necessary
  • Interior
  • Appliances, including air conditioning where necessary
  • All moving parts, including doors, windows, cupboards, awnings etc.
  • Bathrooms and toilets

This process will generate a detailed, intensive report that is given to you for your information. We don’t stop there, we will liaise with your lawyer or the builder for their action and to ensure everything is fixed correctly and on time.

Our snagging price is 135,00 Euro

We can also supervise the final cleaning of the property and where necessary may get involved in the installation of furniture packs. We can do everything necessary to ensure your property is as perfect as the real estate agent said it would be.

Our staff is trained regularly in the correct inspection of properties and receives constant updates on the different types of building materials and construction practices common in the areas in which we work. The staff has a well deserved reputation for getting the job done.




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