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Real estate purchases

Pre-selection of objects – Preparation of the trip: visa, insurance, airline tickets- Arrival in Bulgaria. Meeting at the airport, transfer, accommodation- Inspections and final selection of the property.- Preliminary contract preparation. The preliminary contract is concluded between the buyer and the seller of the property. The contract provides for all conditions for purchase and sale – the price, the form of payment, the terms and conditions for payment, the description of the property itself in Bulgaria, the date of signing the main contract, etc. In simple terms, this agreement reflects an oral agreement between the buyer and the seller. Then the value of the real estate is fixed and the property has to be removed from the sale.By signing this agreement, the buyer pays a deposit – making reservations at the rate of 10 % of the value of the object, this is a confirmation of the intention to buy a property in Bulgaria. This is the first payment for the site. After that there is the preparation of the necessary documents for the sale of the property
– Opening an account with a Bulgarian bank – Conclusion of the notary deed  A notary deed is an act of ownership confirming the right to property that is formed after the full payment of money.The notary deed is certified by the local notary, the area in which the sale and purchase transaction takes place in the presence of the seller and the buyer.After the notarial act has been entered, the notary sends it to the district court. In the court the information is entered in the Bulgarian object in the state register and is marked on the inscription in the notarial deed.If for objective reasons the buyer can not be present at the time of registration, the right to sign the document on the property may be transferred to a third party, provided that the power of attorney is notarized.In particular, you can entrust the documentation to our representative and the notary deed will be issued without your presence being necessary.Registration of the property  in Bulgaria in the BULSTAT Statistics Department and the Tax Office • The final stage of the procedure for buying housing in Bulgaria for foreignersphysical and juridical persons – this is the registration of real estates in BULSTAT (in the Bulgarian Statistical Office) within 7 days of the receipt of the notarial deed.Then the lucky owner of the Bulgarian property gets a certificate and a unique identification numberUIC (in the form of a plastic card – BULSTAT) BULSTAT is required for filing a declaration for acquiring real estate in the tax office. According to the Bulgarian law, within two months there afterregistration of ownership of real estate, it is necessary to file the declaration with the local tax office. Every year property owners in Bulgaria have to pay real estate tax and garbage collection tax.Buying property in Bulgaria is not actually difficult.Buying a cheap property near the Black Sea means not only to provide yourself and your family with a comfortable holiday.This is also an extremely profitable investment. In case you do not plan to live here permanently, you can rent your apartment or villa in the absence.  You can also on this issueplease contact our experts who will take care of your searchtenants and, if necessary, arrange repairs and furnishing of the premises.
All the consultations related to the procedure for buying a property in Bulgaria and the warm hospitality of our agents – you will receive free of charge.
Cost of acquisition of real estateOverall, the entire procedure for buying real estate in Bulgaria will cost up to 3% of the real estate tax in Bulgaria Within two months from the date of acquisition of real estate in Bulgariathe owner must declare it to the local tax authorities.
– All real estate located on the territory of the country is subject to taxes, except for forests and farmland.-        The tax base for individuals is the price of real estate determined by the territorial tax office – a tax assessment, for companies – book value. Tax assessment – the value of the site, calculated in accordance with the standards set by the state, and is the basis for calculating taxes when paying property in Bulgaria for individuals. The tax is paid in four equal installments until March 31, 30 June 30September and November 30. Companies and individuals who pay taxesonce before April 30 you get a 5% discount on the amount of the tax.




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