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Our website is designed to provide information for Property management and of any properties for sale, re-sale and rent in Bulgaria. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive and easy way to use database of good available properties in our country. All listings and ads here are provided by our agents operating in different parts of the country including private vendors offering their property for sale, re-sale or rent.
We also offer separate information to help people interested in buying or renting property in Bulgaria. We seek to bring you the best property investment deals available in Bulgaria!

We are also ready to help you with following services:

  • Property management.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Snagging services.
  • Building and refurbishment.
  • Furnishing.
  • Consultancy, advice, recommendations.
  • Search for property in Bulgaria according to your requirements.
  • Arranging viewings, transportation, and accommodation.
  • Legal work, negotiations, searches etc.
  • Interior design and architecture.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have regarding
buying property, investing or living in Bulgaria. Whether you are planning
to buy something now or you are just gathering information for the future,
we assure you of a professional and dedicated service without any pressure.

Your Solymar Property Team!